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A few years ago, my mom was talking about this doll everyone was going nuts over--Riley.  She found one online, bought it, and then got another one, because she thought it was cute.  I took one home, and started sewing for her.  Soon, I'd adopted Riley for my own, and quickly began accumulating friends for her.  I saw Bitty Bethany, and thought she was cute, I had to have one of her.  But she was too adorable on her own, so Bitty Belinda joined the family.  Now, of course, Belle and Brynne have also found their ways to my home.  I was hooked.  Fall and Winter also joined my Kish collection, and Ellery, too.  Some of the outfits I sew for Bitty Bethany also fit other dolls, so you will see Ann Estelle, Sophie, and LeeAnn in here, as well.  They all fight for attention!!  So they have to share sometimes. 

There are three galleries here...16" dolls, Bitty Bethany (10-11" dolls), and Riley.  I've only made one Ellery outfit, so she stands (or sits) alone!


The only Ellery outfit I've made so far!