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Bitty Bethany's Boudoir

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered my first Bitty Bethany.  My first look got me hooked, and once I saw some good pictures of Belinda on one of the boards, I knew I had to have her, too!  Belle came to me naked, and I just got Brynne at a doll show a week ago.  I love this size, and these dolls have such expressive faces.  I have many more outfits in the works for these girls, too!


Apples N Spice

Even the Kishlets get a dress!

Bitty and her dolly.

Autumn Ionker pattern with embroidery.

Bullion pumpkins and freehand leaves, etc.

A valentine ensemble for Bitty. It had three different pinafores.

I liked the idea of getting four different dresses out of this.

Ann Estelle models Blue Blossoms.

I made the pattern for both the hat and top.

I thought it was a cute, breezy sort of outfit.

Bright and Blue for Bitty.

I like the Belinda face.


Beary Scary dress, tights, and vest.

The vest was fun.

There is a spider hanging from the drooping tip of the hat!

The bear part of the Beary Scary outfit. The grins on the skirt glow in the dark.

Chasing Butterflies.

Ann Estelle models "Silver Fleur".

Details...the dress is covered in fleur-de-lis.

Bitty's version of Garden Party.

I like this wraparound pattern.

Sisters again!

Falling Leaves

Lots of embroidered leaves on this jacket, plus a beaded picot edging.

I was afraid the beaded edging would look like a zipper.

A Little Bit Country...I loved these fabrics, and had to combine them into one dress.

There are tiny red dots in the fabric, too.

Lovely Lavender.

Old-Fashioned Girl

I like making two-tone hats.

Pretty Pinwheels.

Another two-tone hat.

Puppy Love

This was a fun outfit.

To me, details make the difference.

Pumpkin Patch.

Jacket details.

The dress under the jacket.

Ice Cream Social

Ann Estelle models Ice Cream Social.

Hmm...I do a lot of sister dresses....

Sunday Best, modeled by Ann Estelle.

Close-up of the smocking.

Summer Sunset, a light sundress.

LeeAnn liked this outfit.

"Minty Sweet", kind of different Christmas colors.

I thought the binding, etc. would look like candy canes and mints.

"Fresh as a Daisy"

The fabric of the jumper was the inspiration for this outfit.

I did quite a bit of hand embroidery on the jacket and hat.

This one didn't sell, but I thought I'd include it anyway.

The jumper is really cute. I think the hat and jacket were a poor choice.