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I grew up with Madame Alexander dolls, and still collect them.  At one time, I did sew for Wendy dolls, and still do, on occasion.  But early in my teens, I became engrossed in fashion history, largely from reading "Gone With the Wind" and wanting to dress my dolls like the characters.  I was "Gone With the Wind" obsessed for many years!  But my love of fashion history was kindled by that experience, and I have since done a sort of independent study of what people wore.  Cissette, a 9 1/2" lady doll, was the perfect size for me to take what I saw and read about into reality.  I have not always photographed my outfits, and have learned to be a better photographer along the way.  This gallery highlights my better work over the last several years.


Hat detail on Antebellum dress.

A tiered Antebellum dress.

A "Dolly Varden" dress. The name comes from a Dickens character.

Full view of the Dolly Varden dress.

A silk wraparound dress.

Tiny brocade purse.

Ladies out for a stroll.

A suit based on patterns from 1911.

More 1911 suits made from adapted patterns.

Nothing beats a fluffy hat....

I have made a series of these riding outfits.

A little victorian froth.

Detail on a Titanic-era dress using vintage lace.

Full view of Titanic dress.

A heavily beaded walking suit. Gotta have the big hat!

A dress I made for the Boston MADC convention.

A Civil War lady.

Details include a lacy cap.

Back view of cobalt blue french fashion dress.

Front view of the cobalt French Fashion dress.

My 2004 design contest entry for MADC.

Back view. I won first place!

A picture of dresses my hubby took.

A ruffly pink dress. Hey--where are her shoes?

A green riding ensemble.

This was a really neat medieval gown.

A Jane Austen dress.

A dress I made for the Rosalie Whyel Doll Museum.

Back view of navy promenade dress.

The pips reflected the camera's flash--they actually are darker.

This promenade dress was based on French fashion dolls from the 1870's.

Back view of grey suit.

Close up of hat for the grey suit.

This grey suit was inspired by "The Age of Innocence".

A peach and green version of the promenade dress.

Back/side view of the same dress.

Beading detail on a peach Titanic dress.

An evening dress for a Titanic-era lady.

A little Edwardian ensemble.

This is the neatest lace--deep scallops.

Me and my hats...

The original Titanic dress. I made several of these.

Another Titanic dress, this time using vintage silk ribbons.

I liked the contrast of light and dark in this dress.

Hmm...that is one big hat!

Yet another Titanic dress.

I guess I make a lot of these....

A very elaborate French fashion dress.

I have to say I really liked this hat--vintage veiling.

Sometimes elaborate is good!

More 1911 suits. When am I going to get these poor dolls shoes???

A scaled-down version of a pattern I found and adapted.

Ah...a lovely train.

Beads are everywhere!

Another medieval dress.

A revolutionary-war era dress, a commission.

Another commissioned dress, Revolutionary era, with watteau back.

I enjoyed the creative challenge of designing a Watteau back for such a small doll.

May I have this dance?

A gown inspired by Worth.

This was a challenge, but fun. I scattered tiny silk flowers all over!

The centers of the flowers are tiny czech crystals.