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Hmm...I don't think I've ever met a craft I didn't like.  However, I have to say that embroidery of any kind is my favorite.  Thus, cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel, smocking, feltwork, needle punch, knitting, crochet, and quilting have all taken their place in my repertoire of pleasurable activities to do with my hands.


"Boo" bear...accessory I made for a Halloween outfit.

A cosmetic bag for fashion dolls...all items closed.

...and the cosmetics open! Yes, I made 'em all.

Green beaded necklace for 12-16" dolls.

Tiny lavender pearls for 7-10" dolls.

tiny (1") perfume tray for dolls.

A collection of perfume bottles...tallest one is about 1".

A bolo for your Texan dollies!

A tiny beaded purse, approx. 1" long.

A toilette for little ladies.

Three silk bullion roses.

A little petit-point needlepoint.

beaded smocking

cross-stitch using Krenik blending filaments.

Delicate smocking on fine butter-yellow batiste.

Freehand embroidered tree on some crazy quilting.

Just playing with a smocking plate.

My favorite cross-stitch project...hangs on the wall above my computer!

Silk embroidery detail...will be on a 10" doll jacket.

Variegated floss snowman, cross-stitched.

My very first attempt at smocking!

I love fall leaves...

This will be a bell pull someday...

Just playing with colors and practicing my technique.

This is a prettier doll smocking effort.

I liked this one...will be a Bitty Bethany dress.

Detail of embroidery I did on a doll dress.

A bad pun.

Detail of bullion rose.

Have I said I collect and love snowmen?

A little project I made that now hangs in the bathroom.

This was made into a cute dress for Bitty Bethany.

My first needle-felted bear. I call him Bigfoot.

Checking the scale for Bigfoot.

Better scale for the bear.

Baaad doggie!

First needle-felted animal. Very furry!

Riley plays with her doggie.

Riley gets some puppy love.

Wire-armature needle-felted dalmatian.

Riley's dressing table, close-up.