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About me

Well, if you've explored all the other pages on my website, you've probably figured out some things about me.  So...what can I add?

I'm a new mom--an event that surprised the heck out of me, and has blessed me with my beautiful little girl, Elizabeth Dawn, whom we call Ella.  I have a bunch of nicknames for her, of course, and come up with new ones all the time.  I have so many things to look forward to with this little one, and I suspect they may be more rewarding than just being the favorite Auntie in my family!  I love my family, though, and sometimes it is hard that they live in another state.  It is hardest for me to be away from my parents, as we are close.  I'm the oldest, and I think that may be a part of why we are close.  I'm also a homebody, so being domestic and quiet in my private life makes me happy.  But the other side of me is very social, and I sometimes need to be around people to energize me.  I've got a crazy sense of humor, which gets me through just about everything!

I'm also an English teacher with a deep love of reading.  I think I would be horribly bereft if there weren't any books in my home.  Most of my doll creations are inspired by my reading, actually.  And I listen to books on tape/cd/ipod when I work on my various hobbies. 

My partner in crime is my husband, Rob, who is my best friend.  He often gives me some good ideas and advice for my endeavors, and often aids and abets them with gifts of dolls, websites, technology (he is, after all, a computer guy), and support.  I do my best to do the same for him!  He even takes me to bookstores and lets me buy more books, which I need like a hole in the head.  I guess I should knit him some gun warmers or something in return....

Many people know me through my mother, Teri Froehlich, who got me started on this path with dolls to play with, scraps to pick up off the floor and put together, and who encouraged my early efforts at needlework with advice, supplies, and praise.  It is mom who led me to doll shows, and then to Conventions, and with whom I share all my dolly endeavors.  Mom got me my first dolls, and gave me fabric to wrap and stitch around them.  She gave me fabric, needle, and an embroidery hoop, and showed me how to embroider at the age of 10.  At 12, she gave me a cross-stitch kit.  She tried to teach me to knit many times, but I bungled them all.  I didn't really learn to knit until a few years ago!  Mom and I share ideas, patterns, fabrics, and a love of dolls, among many other things.

I'm not sure what else to add...so I'll end it by inviting you to write me any time, as I love to meet new people and share my various hobbies with them!

Some boxed dresses on the sales table at an MADC convention

Evening dress created for Coquette.

More dresses on display at a show.

My Wendy fairy

My travel Cissette relaxes in her seashell swimsuit.

Setting up the sales table at MDC Las Vegas

Mom setting up at MDC Las Vegas

Mom at the sales table in Vegas.

A photo a doll friend sent...

Some Savannah MADC froth

Another southern belle dress.

My Snow Queen

Rob and my dad at the MADC convention in Savannah.

My wicked witch at competition in Vegas.

A hankie dress for Bleuette

Close-up of the hankie dress

Handmade swiss straw hat.

The work table in my sewing room.

Me at 2 years old...wild woman!!

Dolls and toys and stuff on the bulletin board, oh my!

Some of the dolls who keep an eye on me while I sew.

My computer buddies.

My printer warmers! My desk could use a little cleaning, actually.

I like my curtains! Custom made by yours truly. :)