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I'm not sure what to call these dolls, as there's no real defining name for the body size.  Most people refer to them as the "Seasons" dolls, and I have two of them--Fall (I call her Autumn), and Winter, who came to me nude and bald.  Poor thing!  I've since given her a new 'do, and plenty of modeling jobs!  I also like the Jo face, so Kathy recently joined the family.  I haven't sewn as much for these dolls, but really like them, and have more in the works.


Valentine dress for Winter.

Close-up of the Valentine dress.

Hat detail.

My first 16" dress--May Bouquet.

Oodles of Poodles!

I love this doll--she's so gorgeous!

The lace peeking out is vintage french cotton.

A different kind of poodle skirt!

I had to make a dress that looked nice on Jo.

Detail of "Soft Seafoam".

Bodice detail.