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I have been intrigued by the 16" fashion dolls ever since Gene showed up.  I collected many Gene dolls over the early few years, and then got Tyler when she first came out.  I liked the proportions and the stories, and the clothes were so well done.  I did a few things for them a few years ago, and have recently started back up again.  High fashion and modern design isn't my forte, so I'm taking these dolls in my own direction. 

I'm a Jack of all trades (or Jill?) in many respects, and this is where some of that element comes out.  I took porcelain doll painting classes for a couple of years, and have since used those principles on repainting fashion dolls.  I'm nowhere near as good as I'd like to be, but I'm proud of the ones I've done so far.  The Snow Queen was done for the Modern Doll Convention in 2006, and won a 2nd place ribbon in Fashion doll Makeover and Fashion doll Accessory (for the crown).  One of these days, I'll have to take better pictures of her, though!

The Snow Queen at MDC Vegas competition. I won 2nd place in Fashion Makeover and Fashion Accessory.

A Tyler evening gown in shot taffeta.

A close-up

A little metallic coctail dress for Tyler

Business attire for Tyler.

Day to Evening ensemble for Tyler

The evening version. Jacket and dress are silk.

Fashionably Wicked bodice hem detail.

Ellowyne models "Fashionably Wicked".

Close-up of Ellowyne.

Wicked Witch in "Fashionably Wicked".

Close-up of my lovely witch.

Drawers for "Afternoon Promenade".

Chemise and corset for "Afternoon Promenade".

Corset close-up.

Corset back.



Afternoon Promenade.

Ready for my close-up!

Full view of Afternoon Promenade.

Hat detail.

Back View.

Back close-up.

Beaded detail on bow.

Earrings of vintage bezel-set crystals.

I love that vintage button "brooch".

Euphemia models a holiday swap dress.

The jewelry: real garnet briolettes!

I think she looks rather regal.

It fits Ellowyne best, though!

Oh, the Ennui....

The Snow Queen's muff.

This is my Snow Queen, a repainted Tres Chic Charlotte (see my repaints page) in possibly the most elaborate beaded outfit I've ever made.

I know my pictures don't do her justice.

This was truly a labor of love.

Back bodice detailing.

I made her jewels, too.

Without the cape.