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Riley's Room

My first Kish doll was a Riley, and I still have her.  Since then, Tulah, Zsu Zse, Avery, Jada, and DJ have joined the collection, and also model for me.  The first outfit I made for Riley was the "Garden" jumper, which has all kinds of flowers embroidered on it, as well as bees and dragonflies with gossamer wings.  I've got so many ideas in my head for these dolls, I don't know if I'll ever get them all made!!


I called this Alpine Adventures

Under the sweater is an embroidered jumper and coordinating shirt.

Close up of "Forget Me Not"

A little handmade swiss straw bonnet.

I think I called this Rosebuds for Riley. My husband made the furniture.

Detail of the embroidery.

One of my favorites--Bear Hugs!

The bears are made from bullion knots.

Bright and blue...and perhaps a little long.

I love this hat, though. My own dress pattern.

The Forget Me Not dress.

I called this one "Daisy Blue".

Handmade sweater, dress and sweater embroidered.

Ice Cream Dots...cute and summery.

Riley models Ice Cream Dots

Bitty had a matching dress, too.

This ensemble was "Fushia Floral".

I like Riley with curls.

Tulah has to get in on the action!

My first Riley outfit.

I lavishly embroidered this oufit.

I love the three-dimensional bees!

Just a detail pic.

Autumn Breezes. I thought the fabric was really pretty.

Close up of Autumn Breezes.

This embroidery was inspired by a sweater I saw.

The entire ensemble included two different jumpers.

Tulah models the plaid jumper.

This ensemble was called Holiday Harmony.

I called this "Little Lady" because she looked like one.

I love this hat!

Clearly, I like it a lot!

This dress was "Lavender Lace".

My photography has improved since then....

The dress under the purple sweater.

Garden Party sister dress.

Sisters going to the Garden Party.

Tulah likes this one, too.

The Little Pumpkin.

My mom demanded one of these.

Detail on the pumpkin pinafore.

Hat detail on the pumpkin outfit.

Prairie Basket was a sweet Tulah outfit.

I really enjoy making details like this.

Pumpkin Patch Too (because Bitty has the original)

Details of Pumpkin Patch Too

The dress. The moon-shaped glass button doesn't show up well.

Princess Riley

Lots of detail work in this outfit.

China Roses

This was a multiple-part outfit, including pants and a jumper, as well as the jacket and hat.

I quilted the silk taffeta with red thread, then embroidered it.

The jumper.

Even the shirt had a little embroidery!

I like this picture.

School Days.

Uh-oh...Riley dropped her bag!

A smocked dress for Riley.

I had just curled her hair.

Pinafore Surprise. The surprise was the dress detail.

A smocked pinafore.

Detail of smocking.

Spider's Web.

Close-up of Spider's Web.

Sweet and Summery, a smocked sundress.

Tulah often feels the need to model.

My favorite dress on Tulah.

A little Valentine ensemble.

The pinafore could be worn as a sundress.

There was also a second, smocked pinafore.

My second-most elaborate embroidered outfit for Riley.

I called this one "Vintage Charm".

Windy Days...I had fun with this one.

The photos don't really capture the true burgundy color.

"Walk in the Park"

I like using different dolls as models.

Without the sweater.

I love the dangly bit on the hat!

Without the sweater.

"Funny Valentine"

Lots of hearts, here!

This was fun embroidery.

This dress is "Am I Blue?"

I like to use chairs, etc. both as props and quasi-stands.

Riley gets dressed in a winter outfit.

I called this one "Wooly Stripes".

The complete outfit.

A full-length view.

One of my favorites, "Snow Flurries".

With sweater.

Close-up. The sweater has crochet edging.

"Cranberry Cutie"

I love these colors!

The yarn is a silk & cashmere soft!