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Cissette Trunks

I have made five doll trunks for Cissette, each a labor of love.  The first one was fairly simple, and contained several old-fashioned dresses from around the turn of the century.  The second one was my "Titanic" trunk, which I sold at the Portland MADC Convention in 1999.  All of the clothing and accessories in it were inspired by the movie "Titanic" as well as research on the time period.  The trunk itself consisted of two steamer-type trunk boxes I bought at a doll show.  I didn't take pictures of it at the time, although the owner has since kindly taken pictures and shared them with me for this page.  I then made a sort of 50's-60's retro trunk for an Elizabeth Taylor doll I got from a friend.  I called it the "City Girl" trunk, based on the cityscape fabric I used on the outside of the box.  The inside was lined in black and grey moire taffeta with silver fittings.  The fourth one was the "Jo" trunk (well, wardrobe, actually, as I put all of the items in a wooden doll wardrobe), in which all of the clothing was inspired by "Little Women".  The fifth one was my favorite, and for some reason, I didn't take any pictures of it until I actually had it on the sales table at Convention.  This was the "African Safari" trunk.  In all of these, I include jewelry, accessories, shoes, underwear, and various appropriate theme-related items, most of which I make specifically for the particular trunk.  I'm working now on a commissioned trunk.  After that...who knows?


My City Girl tries to decide what to wear.

With so many evening dresses, what will she do?

I have kept this dress...couldn't give it up.

I found these vintage sequins in a bead shop, and had to use them!

The City Girl trunk goodies.

Naughty bits?

A chic polka-dot outfit.

Safari trunk details.

I tried to outfit the trunk with all the neccessities.

Maps, an elephant-foot umbrella stand, masks, oh my!

She collected a great deal on her travels....

The whole trunk. I designed a lot of patterns for this trunk.

But stupid me, didn't take any pictures of the actual dresses!

She HAD to have a "skin" rug (a poor beanie baby was sacrificed).

A vintage silk cocktail dress.

For yachting in the Hamptons.

The Titanic Trunk.

I found the trunks at a doll show, and they inspired the contents.

I made sure there were lots of goodies.

After all, every lady needs her jewels!

And a fashionable coat.

Inspired by the movie "Titanic"...the "flying" dress.

An evening dress. The jewelry box is a vintage toy.

The entire City Girl trunk.

The doll is clearly an Elizabeth Taylor.

I never forget the jewels!

Note she has her beau's picture!

But you know, she isn't very neat, letting her hosiery hang out!

I packed dresses for all occasions.

It was hard to get all outfits in one shot.

A work ensemble.

I seem to have lost many pictures from this trunk.

These dresses are from the "Jo" trunk.

Another Civil War era dress for Jo.

Perhaps my favorite dress in the Jo trunk.