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Sometimes dolls just beg for a makeover, you know? 

I'm still new at repainting, so there are only a few dolls here.  I didn't take pictures of my earliest repaints, but did manage to take one of an Eve repaint (Susan Wakeen's fashion doll).  The Snow Queen (platinum Charlotte) was a total makeover, and won 2 second-place ribbons in the Best Fashion Doll Accessory category (her crown), and Fashion Makeover category at the 2006 Modern Doll Convention in Las Vegas. 

The blonde Tiny Kitty is undressed at the moment...I'm developing patterns to dress her in Jane Austen period clothing.  My redhead Coquette was an experiment that turned out better than I'd hoped.  More repaints will follow, as I enjoy doing them!

Full view of first Coquette repaint.

Somehow, I felt she needed fur!

A little close-up.

Repaint of Susan Wakeen's Eve.

The snow queen, completed ensemble.

The Snow Queen--repainted Tres Chic Charlotte.

Tiny Kitty with a Jane Austen hairstyle.

Another view of Tiny Kitty.